Liver Elastography

Liver Elastography WHAT IS LIVER ELASTOGRAPHY? Liver elastography is also known as shearwave elastography and is a novel technique of assessing tissue stiffness and hence fibrosis.  This technique measures the speed of ultrasound waves as they pass through the liver. The “shearwave” is a perpendicular wave produced as a result of a generated ultrasound pulse through …

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Parathyroid adenoma detection in 2016

Parathyroid adenoma detection in 2016 Hyperparathyroidism is most commonly due to parathyroid adenomas or carcinomas. These can frequently be detected with dual phase Sestamibi scans. The sensitivity for detection is poor with planar and SPECT imaging (60-80%) but with the advent of SPECT-CT much higher sensitivities have been achieved (>85%). Multi-glandular disease is uncommon but paradoxically more difficult to …

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