Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry

What is a DEXA scan?

Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) is the gold standard in Body Composition and Bone Density measurement. DEXA Bone Densitometry is a quick, and non-invasive way to accurately and reliably measure bone mineral density. DEXA Body Composition allows the measurement of total body fat and total muscle mass

How does the DEXA scanner work?

DEXA works by passing two very low dose x-ray beams at differing energy levels through the tissues of the body. Fat, muscle and bone all allow different energy X-rays to pass through at different rates. By using two different types of x-rays the equipment is able to calculate relative amounts of each tissue type in your body.

What equipment do we have?

Our DEXA scan is a narrow angle fan beam bone densitometer uses the latest digital Fast Beam® technology and is capable of whole body composition and regional bone density scans. Our DEXA scan is performed in a relaxing “forest” environment -see photo.

What equipment do we have?

Our DEXA scanner has an integrated FRAX calculator that enables us to provide patients a 10-year probability of fracture. The algorithm takes into account several personal, hereditary, medical and lifestyle factors to provide a 10 year probability of hip fracture and a 10 year probability of a major osteoporotic fracture.

The FRAX calculator has been developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and is calculated for patients between 40 and 90 years of age.

What type of scan can we do?

We perform DEXA bone densitometry for all ages and all regions. We can do bone mineral density (BMD) measurements, vertebral body assessment and assessment for orthopaedics (around joint replacements). We also perform DEXA whole body composition and fat/lean mass assessments.

Can we compare with previous scans.

We perform DEXA bone We can also use and convert any previous bone density measurements you may have had performed elsewhere including those from other DEXA machine manufacturers. This enables us to provide accurate comparison and long-term analysis. This also removes the need to return to the same machine that you previously may have had your DEXA scan on in the past.
What is a DEXA Body Composition or “Fat” scan?

A DEXA Body Composition scan (also known as a ‘Fat Scan’ or ‘Body Scan’) is usually undertaken to provide information to your doctor, personal trainer, dietician or exercise physiologist.

DEXA scans are extremely accurate, and the quickest and easiest way to monitor changes in body composition. They can also be helpful to monitor certain medical conditions, weight-loss programs, or sports and training regimes.

We can provide information about bone, fat and lean muscle mass, with the scan providing whole body and regional data, including arms, legs and trunk.

At Garran Medical Imaging our wholebody composition service not only determines your exact ratio of bone, fat and muscle, but also provides you with a comprehensive report and a full explanation of your results included as part of your appointment.

We take into account your scan results, your activity level and target body fat percentage. We also provide accurate metabolic data and macronutrient information to help you work towards any weight loss and fitness goals.


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