Nuclear Medicine


Publications Garran Medical Imaging undertakes quality medical imaging research in a private practice setting. It is been important for us to contribute in as many ways as we can to improving medical care. In addition it helps us validate our (cutting edge) practices. When we adopt new techniques we to look carefully at existing research

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xSPECT Bone xSPECT Bone A mobile friendly slideshow of this post about xSPECT bone can be found here. For those with a professional interest see our paper in the European Journal of Hybrid Imaging , see Dr Iain Duncan’s lecture at the 2019 World Molecular Imaging Summit at Lausanne in Switzerland, or visit Siemens healthineers. NUCLEAR IMAGING: THE OLD V NEW Nuclear Medicine has

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Parathyroid adenoma detection in 2016

Parathyroid adenoma detection in 2016 Hyperparathyroidism is most commonly due to parathyroid adenomas or carcinomas. These can frequently be detected with dual phase Sestamibi scans. The sensitivity for detection is poor with planar and SPECT imaging (60-80%) but with the advent of SPECT-CT much higher sensitivities have been achieved (>85%). Multi-glandular disease is uncommon but paradoxically more difficult to

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