Our practice has been designed to provide excellence at every interaction and from all perspectives.

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Who are we?

Garran Medical Imaging (GMI) is exactly what you might expect  from a diagnostic medical imaging centre. Our staff are friendly, competent, and able to tailor every service for your requirements. Our practice has been designed to provide excellence at every interaction. We have not compromised. Our equipment, our procedures, and our diagnostic protocols are bench marked on the world’s best. Some of our protocols are setting new benchmarks and some of our scans are world firsts. 

Your diagnostic journey — from referral through booking, check–in, scanning, completion and results’ delivery — will be carefully mapped to ensure a comfortable, stress free experience. 98% of our patients would recommend us.

Garran Medical Imaging aims to be an integral part of the management for doctors and patients. We seek to network with referring doctors to solve problems and de–stress the journey through the medical system.

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Conveniently located at Garran Shops, just 500 metres from The Canberra and National Capital Private Hospitals.

We are not limited by convention.  We want to make a difference and be part of your solution.

Our Services

GMI guarantees all patients a personal, caring medical imaging service experience. To find out more about a service, click on an icon below.
Dual Energy X-ray Absorbing (DEXA) is the gold standard in Body Composition Bone Density measurement. Dexa Bone…
X-rays are a type of ionising radiation that are produced by a machine to allow images to be taken of the body. These x-rays pass through the body…
MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is an advanced imaging technique that uses a combination of a strong magnetic field…
OPG stands for orthopantomogram and is a special x-ray of the teeth, jaws and lower face. An OPG provides a panoramic x-ray…
CT stands for Computed Tomography. This technique uses x-rays to make cross sectional images of the body. A CT image…
Nuclear medicine encompasses the use of medical radioisotopes to take images of various parts or systems in the human body. It involves…
Ultrasound is an imaging method of diagnosing illness or injury by viewing internal body structures. By sending sound waves…

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