Garran Medical Imaging undertakes quality medical imaging research in a private practice setting. It is been important for us to contribute in as many ways as we can to improving medical care. In addition it helps us confirm the validity of our practices. When we adopt new techniques we to look carefully at existing research and where it is not sufficient, we try and collect our own data, or undertake our own research, to optimise our practice. We are currently undertaking several projects and any publications with open access can be downloaded here.

The clinical value of xSPECT/CT Bone versus SPECT/CT. A prospective comparison of 200 scans.

Published European Journal of Hybrid Imaging, EJNMMI Multimodality Journal 2018, 2:4.

An Evaluation of Direct Quantification
 using xSPECT Quant in Everyday Clinical Practice

Poster P093, 12th World Congress of the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology, Melbourne 2018.

An Interim Evaluation of  Tc-PSMA scans at Garran Medical Imaging