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Before your appointment

Here at Garran Medical Imaging we perform a full range of Ultrasound examinations, including diagnostic scans, therapeutic injections and Obstetric imaging. 

Some ultrasound procedures require specific patient preparation. This usually involves fasting for a set period or ‘water prep’ – to ensure your bladder is full. If there is specific preparation you need to follow, we will let you know when you make your appointment. 

Please ensure you bring your referral, Medicare card and any previous films with you to your appointment.

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On the day of your appointment: 

When you arrive at our practice the reception team will register you for your procedure.

A sonographer will greet you, explain the procedure and gather specific clinical information, which will assist with your results and enable us to perform the scan as accurately as possible.

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Ultrasound Canberra

Scan and procedure specifics

First you will change into a gown for the scan. You will then be asked to lie on the couch (bed) beside the ultrasound machine and expose the region to be examined. Your privacy will be respected throughout this process and the rest of your body will be covered during the procedure.

A clear gel is applied to the examination area– to allow the sound waves to be transmitted into the body. The ultrasound probe or transducer is placed onto the skin and moved across the surface to evaluate the structures below.


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The scan is painless, although some pressure may be applied to improve the image. Please tell the sonographer if this becomes uncomfortable.

Examinations of the shoulder or other joints may require your cooperation in performing certain movements while scanning is in progress.

Doppler ultrasound uses special technology to detect blood flow in arteries or veins. During this process you will hear a ‘whooshing’ noise as signals from the blood flow are transformed into sound.

We may need to gently squeeze your calf when leg veins are examined.

Most ultrasound scans take 30 minutes to perform. However, some tests (especially doppler studies) may take up to two hours. Some other examinations or procedures may require more than one visit.

Your report and images

Your report and images

Once your images are complete, we process them using our computer. This allows us to provide clear images to assist in your diagnosis. Our doctor will complete the report and make the images available to your doctor.

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