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  • Nuclear medicine Canberra

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  • GMI research


    Garran Medical Imaging undertakes quality medical imaging research in a private practice setting. It is been important for us to contribute in as many ways as we can to improving medical care. In addition it helps us confirm the validity of our practices. When we adopt new techniques we to look carefully at existing research […]

  • Scan showing prostate cancer in a lymph node

    PSMA Scan for prostate cancer

    What is a PSMA scan? PSMA stands for prostate specific membrane antigen, which is a complex protein found in the cell walls of many types of cell, but greatly increased in prostate cancer. Radio-tracers have been developed to attach to the antigen and thus show up abnormal cells, usually related to prostate cancer. A nuclear […]

  • Dr Iain Duncan
  • Lumbar spine xSPECT

    What is quantitative bone imaging?

    Quantitative bone imaging is where we measure exactly the amount of tracer in a given volume of interest. This capability has only now become possible with new technological and computer analysis techniques with the use of a specially calibrated xSPECT gamma camera. When analysing the data, we express the result in SUV (standard uptake values), which is […]

  • Calcification T10,11 Lig Flavum MRI 0001

    Back pain and Bone scans

    PECT-CT bone scans of the spine have become a clinically useful part of the evaluation of back pain. Uptake seen on a SPECT-CT correlates with metabolic activity in bone and the increased resolution and specificity of SPECT-CT has allowed a greater number and variety of clinically relevant findings.

  • PRP injection
  • Shearwave Elastography of the Liver 10minute video