Diagnostic Imaging for General Practitioners

We provide diagnostic imaging for  general practitioners that aims to solve problems and de–stress your patients’ healthcare journey. Our practice is designed to deliver excellence and to work with practioners in a collaborative way.

GMI guarantees a progressive, experienced and customer service approach to medical imaging.

We would like to support you with the following services:


We can deliver all your ultrasound needs with a comprehensive service including all general, thyroid, obstetric, musculoskeletal, paediatric, paediatric hip and all vascular services. Iain’s expertise (now over 20 years) covers the entire breadth of ultrasound and his knowledge of musculoskeletal medicine will add value to every MSK evaluation.

Your obstetric scans will be undertaken with state–of–the–art equipment, understanding and care.

We can also perform cutting edge ultrasound techniques such as shearwave elastography for the assessment of liver fibrosis. This technology is based on the same principles as fibroscan and can help evaluate chronic liver disease and hepatic steatosis -we have performed over 600 examinations. Ask us for more information about this service. Elastography can also be used to help assess and characterize thyroid and breast lesions and a different type of elastography is used (uniquely) by Iain in tendon assessments.

Diagnostic Imaging for General Practitioners

MRI–3T system

Our Siemens 3 tesla Skyra system is the absolute state–of the–art in MRI. Kevin has a particular interest in musculoskeletal, body, and foetal MRI. While the scanner does not have a Medicare rebate, we guarantee competitive pricing against all other MRI scanners in the ACT.

Diagnostic Imaging for General Practitioners

CT scan

Our Aquilion Prime 160 slice CT scanner provides rapid and high resolution images providing detailed information during multiple stages of contrast enhancement. This allows Kevin to deliver a report that provides you with the answers you need at the lowest possible xray dose for the patient (it can reduce current doses by up to 75%) . It also has a wide (780mm) bore which will help access for obese and ill patients.

Diagnostic Imaging for General Practitioners

Nuclear Medicine


Medical Imaging for general practitioners can be greatly enhanced with advanced nuclear medicine systems. Our Siemens Intevo xSPECT system is one of the first 3rd generation scanners in Australia. The bone images will astound you! The current xSPECT-CT bone images can provide a detailed assessment of all bone/joint problems and are the most sensitive modality for bone stress lesions and assessing prosthetic joints . Dr Iain Duncan’s website is a great resource -just go to the homepage and use the search bar.

We have also introduced quantitative bone imaging which provides a much better way of following bone disease over time. GMI will be the only private practice in Australia using this technology which enables us to directly measure the amount of tracer uptake in any location (as shown in the image). This gives readings in SUV similar to PET scans. The clinical utility of this is promising and early results from around the world are showing a quantum leap in accuracy and reproducibility of bone scans in oncology. 

See here more information about quantitative bone imaging

Diagnostic Imaging for General Practitioners

Bone Densitometry and Whole Body Composition Analysis

A must have for diagnostic imaging for general practitioners is bone densitometry. We can perform DEXA bone densitometry for all ages and all regions. At Garran Medcial Imaging we can use and convert all prior bone density measurements from all manufacturers in long–term analysis. We can assess whole body BMD, vertebral body assessment, periprosthetic assessment for orthopaedics, body composition and fat/lean mass.

Diagnostic Imaging for General Practitioners

General X-Ray and OPG

Our digital X–Ray, screening and OPG units will meet all your X–Ray requirements.

Diagnostic Imaging for General Practitioners
Diagnostic Imaging for General Practitioners