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Before your appointment

Some patient preparation is required for most CT procedures. This usually involves fasting for a set period. If there is specific preparation you need to follow, we will let you know when you make your appointment.

Please ensure you bring your referral, Medicare card and any previous films with you to your appointment.

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On the day of your appointment: 

When you arrive at our practice the reception team will register you for your procedure.

A radiographer will greet you, explain the procedure and gather specific clinical information, which will assist with your results and enable us to perform the scan as accurately as possible. 

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CT Walkthrough

Scan and procedure specifics

Some CT procedures require a liquid contrast (a type of dye). This can be administered orally – by drinking a fluid, or intravenously – via a cannula into a vein in your arm, or both. This contrast provides the scanner with much clearer visual images of certain structures within your body.

We use a 160 slice CT scanner which allows for fast scan times which lowers the patient dose of radiation.

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You will be asked to lie on the scanning table that slides into the CT scanner, which looks like a large ring or donut. The x-rays are emitted from the ring and pass through the part of the body being scanned. The table moves in and out to allow the images to be taken. A computer detects the amount of radiation passing through the body and forms an image of the body part being scanned.

The scan usually takes no more than half an hour to perform. However, you may need to arrive in the x-ray department up to one hour before the examination if you have to drink contrast dye for the scan.

Your report and images

Your report and images

Once your images are complete, we process them using our computer. This allows us to provide clear images to assist in your diagnosis. Our doctor will complete the report and make the images available to your doctor.

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